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JUST TWO (two solos)

On a shared evening, two Palermo’s choreographers over 40, Giuseppe Muscarello and Giovanna Velardi propose two solos on the theme of expressiveness and identity. Two choreographers whose linguistic and stylistic figures are deeply rooted in Sicily but look forward towords the world. About identity with and by Giuseppe Muscarello is a choreography realized with mechanical simplicity; the protagonist Gengè moves on in a simple everyday life where self-depictions, personal and social projections are lost in fragmentation. Look me inside, with and by Giovanna Velardi is the portrait of Lu, a woman who investigates the body exposed to the eyes of others. Lu lights up and shuts off through her costume of light; when it is on she is pure and expresses herself freely, without fear of any judgment, exhorting the audience to find the same impetus.

about identity

by and with Giuseppe Muscarello
a production of Muxarte - FC@PIN.D';OC
with the contribution of Mibact, Regione Sicilia
supported byi Officine Ouragan

"I did not know myself at all, I did not have my own reality, I was in a state of continuous illusion, almost fluid, malleable the others knew me, each other in their own way, according to the reality they had given me; they saw in me a Moscarda that I was not, because I was not really anybody for me: as many Moscarda as they were. "

A stereotyped man who is victim of all the schemes that society imposes on him. A man in the spasmodic research of authenticity because he realizes that his life is absorbed by randomness. The awareness that his body is animated by the forms that society demands, a mortified body that decides to experience emptyness and tries to live being nobody and not living experiences. He decides not to be. The show is freely inspired by "One Nobody and One hundred thousand" by Luigi Pirandello. Genge is the main character of a novel born in 1926 but more than ever corresponds to today's men. Dance could be the ideal tool for telling and transmitting the feelings of the protagonist. A body destabilized by a new reality that discovers randomly and with "free acts".

 Giuseppe Muscarello


In the articulate gesture typical of popular languages, reinterpreted one can trace a perfect detail that connotes the creation of Muscarello and his lively and fertile Sicilianity.
(Enrico Rosolino - VERVE MAGAZINE - published May 11, 2017)


Giuseppe Muscarello
Choreographer, dancer, performer has worked for over twenty years with many Italian dance companies as well as with directors of cinema and theater. His solo dance career began in the early 90s and develops in many and various forms. For years he ha salso been engaged in dance and stage training for dancers and professional actors throughout Italy. In 1999 he founded and directed Muxarte, a group of young artists from different educational realities, working on various contemporary dance techniques. From 2017 he is artistic director of ConFormazioni, Festival of dance and contemporary languages in Palermo. Currently the company is engaged in a national tour with the new creation (About Identity) freely inspired by the novel One Nobody and One hundred thousand by Luigi Pirandello. Also the shows currently in distribution are: "Me-She-It", and "I Am My Mother". This last one is a large project born with a photographic exhibition, a book that contains a tale, published by the publisher Leima and available on www.editoriileima.it. and a solo.


Look me inside

Lu: my name is Lu. She says. Look me. Inside. She says.

creation, direction, choreography, text and dance by Giovanna Velardi
costumes Concetta Guercio
organization Danila Blasi
press office Benedetta Boggio / Rosa Shocking
a production FC@PIN.D';OC
with the contribution of Mibact, Regione Sicilia 
with the support of Scenario Pubblico, Officine Ouragan


Lu shines. Like light.
Lu talks about herself and says very intimate things. Things nobody knows. She tells us how to tell a fairy tale. Lu reveals details of herself otherwise secret. But Lu needs the dark to oper herself, infact when there is light Lu is too human. Darkness is her friend. In the dark Lu lights up, speaks, tells. Lu tells us secrets and reveals emotions. And to do this she uses the language of the heart. As in a monologue made of words and movements, she pushes herself over the boundaries, following the unpaved map of her inner dynamics. Lu dances and gives us her heart.


Giovanna Velardi
Sicilian choreographer and interpreter, artistic director of the company Giovanna Velardi, graduated at the National Academy of Dance in Rome, Giovanna Velardi, at the age of 14  awarded  the City of Catania International Competition. Giovanna studies in Italy and France, and has worked with some of the choreographers of the French Nouvelle Danse as Genevieve Sorin. She develops her tendency to work on improvisation and she founds her own company in Marseilles collaborating with musicians and composers. Among her creations and interpretations: Puppet, Ophelia (Hamlet Machine), The three studies, Versus, Short circuit, Pupidda, Clown, Alice's Room, Live Vucciria and I Picciotti, Straw man (European project built between Prague and Marseille Palermo) Carmen, Core / Demeter 2.0, Look me. From 2011 to 2014 she is the choreographer for the Palermo Symphony Orchestra,she creates the choreography for IL MACELLO DI GIOBBE of Fausto Paravidino and works with the director Vincenzo Pirrotta and for the musical conservatory Bellini in Palermo. In 2015 her creation Look me is at the Venice Biennial. In the same year, the Company Giovanna Velardi becomes Associate Artist to Scenario Pubblico, Catania international choreographic center directed by Roberto Zappalà. She also work with directors Fabio Grassadonia ed Antonio Piazza. She developed a method that he uses in creating and training for dancers and actors "The articular heart"


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art direction: Giovanna Velardi

organizational direction: Danila Blasi

management: Letizia Coppotelli

communication: Benedetta Boggio

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